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A.R. Rahman on Ultimate Chart

A.R. Rahman

Top Songs
  1. 01 Zariya
  2. 02 Mausam & Escape
  3. 03 Liberation
  4. 04 Million Dollar Dream (ft. Iggy Azalea)
  5. 05 You Complete Me
  1. 06 Jai Ho
  2. 07 New Beginnings
  3. 08 The Final Pitch
  4. 09 The Canyon

Dear Khatija, Congrats on winning the “Torch Bearer Of The Year" award from Bhumi Foundation for your sincere work.…

Super excited to reveal something from our movie, #99songs tonight at the Ahmedabad concert ...Don’t share on the internet 😊

The Encore Tour continues in Ahmedabad this evening...The sooner you arrive, the more songs we perform for you..#RahmanEncore

Lovely catching up with @HARDWELL

Good luck to you, Tishani Doshi.. #girlsarecomingoutofthewoods

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