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Alessia Cara on Ultimate Chart

Alessia Cara

Top Songs
  1. 01 Scars to Your Beautiful
  2. 02 How Far I'll Go
  3. 03 Here
  4. 04 Wild Things
  5. 05 I'm Yours
  1. 06 Seventeen
  2. 07 River Of Tears
  3. 08 Overdose
  4. 09 Outlaws
  5. 10 Here (2:00 AM Version)
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Jul 5 Chicago, IL Tickets
Jul 21 Mashantucket, CT Tickets

guys so um yeah I'm hosting the mmvas this year. surprise. I'm so ready to mess up every single line let's gooooo

it's called the voice, not the outfit, David.

also @NormaniKordei ur a winner x100!!!

thank u @NBCTheVoice @Zedd and @AliyahMoulden for letting me up on stage tonight :))) felt good to see a little light in a dark time.

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