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Alessia Cara on Ultimate Chart

15 3

Alessia Cara

Top Songs
  1. 01 Scars to Your Beautiful
  2. 02 Here
  3. 03 How Far I'll Go
  4. 04 Wild Things
  5. 05 Seventeen
  1. 06 I'm Yours
  2. 07 River Of Tears
  3. 08 Overdose
  4. 09 Outlaws
  5. 10 Stone
Chart Rank Over Time
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Alessia Caracciolo (Italian pronunciation: [aˈlɛssja kaˈrattʃolo]; born July 11, 1996), known professionally as Alessia Cara, is a Canadian singer and songwriter. After producing acoustic covers of songs on YouTube, she signed with Def Jam Recordings and released her debut single, "Here", which was a sleeper hit and reached the top 5 in the United States and the top 20 in Canada. Cara's debut studio album, Know-It-All, was released in 2015. The third single from the album, "Scars to Your Beautiful", reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 the following year. In 2017, Cara collaborated with producer Zedd to create the single "Stay", and rapper Logic to feature in his song "1-800-273-8255". With both songs reaching number 7 and number 3 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100, they became Cara's third and fourth songs to reach the US top 10.

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