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Anthony Hamilton on Ultimate Chart

Anthony Hamilton

Top Songs
  1. 01 Charlene
  2. 02 The Point Of It All
  3. 03 The Best Of Me
  4. 04 Her Heart
  5. 05 Comin' From Where I'm From
  1. 06 Can't Let Go
  2. 07 Pray for Me
  3. 08 I'm a Mess
  4. 09 I Cry
  5. 10 Cool
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Me and #NonaHendryx at #LoveRocksNYC last night. What a great event!! Pic by @FlyEli.

Greeneville, SC!! Come see me @Thegroupxscape and @JoeThomas4real on Saturday, April 21st!!

Join me later at Club One to watch the Oscars!!

Hope to see yall today at the day party!! #CIAA

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