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Disturbed on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 The Sound Of Silence
  2. 02 Down With the Sickness
  3. 03 Indestructible
  4. 04 The Vengeful One
  5. 05 Stricken
  1. 06 Stupify
  2. 07 The Light
  3. 08 Land of Confusion
  4. 09 Inside The Fire
  5. 10 Ten Thousand Fists

In celebration of “The Sound Of Silence” single release week anniversary and the song going 3x platinum, here’s a g…

We released the official video for “The Sound Of Silence” two years ago today, and the song is now officially certi…

We have been nominated for Best Live Performance for @BanditRock’s Bandit Rock Awards. Cast your vote!

Blind your eyes to what you see You can't embrace it Leave it well enough alone And don't remember… On this d…

Who grabbed a copy of the Indestructible In Germany DVD, recorded live at @rockamring, when it was released this we…

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