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Disturbed on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 The Sound Of Silence
  2. 02 Down With the Sickness
  3. 03 Indestructible
  4. 04 The Vengeful One
  5. 05 Stricken
  1. 06 Stupify
  2. 07 The Light
  3. 08 Land of Confusion
  4. 09 Inside The Fire
  5. 10 Ten Thousand Fists

Thanks to Ilya for covering “The Brave And The Bold!” Have you covered a Disturbed song? Reply with yours!

Much respect brother! We are fans of yours as well! Open invitation to you, anytime you want to come see us play!

Pretty badass seeing @therock listening to our song Down with the Sickness for some early morning inspiration!…

Thank you fans for always being there for us and allowing us to live out our dream. #disturbed #downwiththesickness…

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