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Dixie Chicks on Ultimate Chart

Dixie Chicks

Top Songs
  1. 01 Cowboy Take Me Away
  2. 02 Not Ready To Make Nice
  3. 03 Travelin' Soldier
  4. 04 Wide Open Spaces
  5. 05 Landslide
  1. 06 Goodbye Earl
  2. 07 You Were Mine
  3. 08 There's Your Trouble
  4. 09 Ready to Run
  5. 10 I Can Love You Better

On this day in 2003: Dixie Chicks cover of Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands.

Watch these fans who created their own version of the 'Goodbye Earl' music video!

A great reminder to always stand up for yourself... and at concerts 😜

"... after decades in the business they show no signs of backing down." - @OurLondonOnt Read Concert Review:

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