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Fetty Wap on Ultimate Chart

Fetty Wap

Top Songs
  1. 01 KEKE
  2. 02 Trap Queen
  3. 03 679 (ft. Remy Boyz)
  4. 04 My Way (ft. Monty)
  5. 05 Wake Up
  1. 06 Again
  2. 07 Jimmy Choo
  3. 08 With You
  4. 09 Love The Way
  5. 10 Could You Believe It
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Feb 17 North Myrtle Beach, SC Tickets
Feb 23 Clifton Park, NY Tickets
Feb 25 Raleigh, NC Tickets
Apr 20 Nashville, TN Tickets

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4Ktay feat. Gu Mitch - Run Up A Check via @YouTube

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who knows the words to 'Could You Believe It' yet? #FMF #ForMyFans

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