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Gerardo Ortiz on Ultimate Chart

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Gerardo Ortiz

Top Songs
  1. 01 Dámaso
  2. 02 Regresa Hermosa
  3. 03 Fuiste Mía
  4. 04 Amor Confuso
  5. 05 Cara A La Muerte (En Vivo)
  1. 06 ¿Por Qué Terminamos?
  2. 07 Mañana Voy A Conquistarla
  3. 08 El Cholo
  4. 09 Quién Se Anima
  5. 10 Millones de Besos
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Gerardo Ortíz Medína (born October 5, 1989), simply known as Gerardo Ortíz, is an American regional Mexican singer-songwriter, and record producer. Gerardo Ortiz grew up in Pasadena, California where he attended Blair High School. In 2010, he garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Norteño Album for his debut album Ni Hoy Ni Mañana. At the 2013 Mexican Billboard Music Awards, he was awarded four awards: Male Artist of the Year, Norteño Album of the Year, Norteño Artist of the Year, and Artist of the Year, Songs. He was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Music Album in 2013, for his album El Primer Ministro. On March 20, 2011, Ortíz survived an ambush attempt in Mexico that left his cousin and business manager dead. In July 2014, Ortiz joined Latin Grammy winner Ana Bárbara as a judge on the eleventh season of Estrella TV's talent contest Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento aired September through November 2014.[citation needed]

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