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Ice Cube on Ultimate Chart

Ice Cube

Top Songs
  1. 01 Good Cop Bad Cop
  2. 02 It Was a Good Day
  3. 03 No Vaseline
  4. 04 Only One Me
  5. 05 You Can Do It
  1. 06 You Know How We Do It
  2. 07 Check Yo Self (Remix)
  3. 08 Steady Mobbin'
  4. 09 Check Yo Self
  5. 10 My Summer Vacation

24 years ago today. What's your favorite track off the album?

This is another major step for the league.

Check me out on the radio tomorrow morning 8:30am pst.

Damn @RAIDERS, my eyes are embarrassed watching this @Patriots game. Remember, the “Bi” in Bye Week means one week off not 2.

Kicked it with @KingJames and @JKCorden on @CarpoolKaraoke ... It Was A Good Day

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