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James Arthur on Ultimate Chart

James Arthur

Top Songs
  1. 01 Say You Won't Let Go
  2. 02 Naked
  3. 03 Can I Be Him
  4. 04 Impossible
  5. 05 Recovery
  1. 06 Suicide
  2. 07 Certain Things

Need some Vas for my cracked arse lips, cold as a motherfucker out here son.

Off to the City of angels for 3 weeks to write some big juicy bangers and mash. Love and respect n tha x

I’m sorry but the pundits on this #EubankGroves ITV coverage are killing me. Like a couple drunk geezers down the workies chatting bollocks.

Nowt worse when you’re on the train with 2 hours of your joutney remaining, 2% on your phone and you realise you’ve got no charger. Brutal.

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