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Jewel on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 You Were Meant for Me
  2. 02 Who Will Save Your Soul
  3. 03 Foolish Games
  4. 04 Hands
  5. 05 Sov Gott (Sleep Well)
  1. 06 Brahms' Lullaby
  2. 07 Raven
  3. 08 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  4. 09 Standing Still

Enjoyed it!! What a small world ...

Wooo! Was a pleasure to work with you :)

Tickets are now available for my full-band shows at @WynnLasVegas on March 30th and 31st!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Pre-sale tickets are available for my show, JEWEL: Hits, Muses and Mentors at…

Thank you to @etnow for the article about my show at @WynnLasVegas on March 30th and 31st!

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