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John Legend on Ultimate Chart

John Legend

Top Songs
  1. 01 All Of Me
  2. 02 Love Me Now
  3. 03 You & I (Nobody In The World)
  4. 04 Surefire
  5. 05 Ordinary People
  1. 06 Green Light
  2. 07 So High
  3. 08 Everybody Knows
  4. 09 Used to Love U
  5. 10 Stay With You

Data on the effect of the assault weapons ban. The ban is designed to prevent massacres, not gun violence writ larg…

Arms dealers love arms races.

You’ll note that all NRA-sponsored politicians suggest gun violence solutions that involve more guns being bought a…

The fact this is up for discussion is totally absurd. But this is a good thread to hopefully obliterate the COMPLET…

We don’t pay our teachers enough to TEACH. Now these fools want them to double as armed security. Meanwhile our ki…

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