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John Legend on Ultimate Chart

John Legend

Top Songs
  1. 01 All Of Me
  2. 02 Love Me Now
  3. 03 You & I (Nobody In The World)
  4. 04 Surefire
  5. 05 Ordinary People
  1. 06 Green Light
  2. 07 So High
  3. 08 Everybody Knows
  4. 09 Used to Love U
  5. 10 Stay With You

Also, you can't be impeached if you resign first. Just a thought.

The Confederacy was the villain. Get their statues out of our parks. They deserve no honor or reverence.

Preserving history doesn't require us glorifying the villain.

Think of how absurd and repugnant it would be to erect a memorial to Bin Laden in the middle of Ground Zero to "preserve history"

Modern-day Germans could teach us a lot about remembering and denouncing our shameful past.

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