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  1. 01 How Does It Feel
  2. 02 Out The Bottle f/Zay
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Kamaiyah Jamesha Johnson (born March 13, 1992) is an American rapper from Oakland, California. She released her acclaimed debut mixtape A Good Night in the Ghetto in 2016. She was featured along with Drake on the YG single "Why You Always Hatin?"

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ima let y'all know right now I can't do austin tomorrow because of ACL

It's heart warming af to know how many people have cried from watching my documentary men and women 💕

Y'all need to get some @mySitota candles my pr makes them and they're lit af

It's 2am I need to sleep but I'm up like 😨

Denzel Washington is the only black man I know of in entertainment who has never had a scandal attached to his name

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