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Lil Yachty on Ultimate Chart

Lil Yachty

Top Songs
  1. 01 1 Night
  2. 02 Minnesota (Remix) [feat. Quavo, Skippa da Flippa & Young Thug]
  3. 03 Shoot Out The Roof
  4. 04 Wanna Be Us (feat. Burberry Perry)
  5. 05 Terminator (ft. A$AP Ferg)
  1. 06 Never Switch Up
  2. 07 Not My Bro
  3. 08 Up Next 3
  4. 09 King Of Teens
  5. 10 Life Goes On
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Marsupial Superstars.

Squid ward plays clarinet... I got it world lmao.

Listen to Teenage Emotions by Lil Yachty, RD, Lil Boat #np on #SoundCloud

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