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Mark Ronson on Ultimate Chart

Mark Ronson

Top Songs
  1. 01 Uptown Funk (ft. Bruno Mars)
  2. 02 Valerie
  3. 03 Feel Right (feat. Mystikal)
  4. 04 Stop Me
  5. 05 Toxic (Version Revisited)
  1. 06 Bang Bang Bang
  2. 07 Daffodils f/Kevin Parker

things that eventually got done--VOODOO, CHINESE DEMOCRACY, BLONDE things that won't get done--F**kface von Clownst…

Brand New QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (produced by your friend)

Whoa. Just saw Ernie Hudson in the Delta Terminal. Took every bit of self control not to blurt out, "tell him about the Twinkie". Legend

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