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Maxwell on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 Pretty Wings
  2. 02 Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
  3. 03 This Woman's Work
  4. 04 Bad Habits
  5. 05 Lifetime
  1. 06 Fistful of Tears
  2. 07 Lake by the Ocean
  3. 08 Welcome
  4. 09 This Woman's Work (Uncut)
  5. 10 'Til the Cops Come Knockin'

"some @BET #SUMMERS17 wrap up images coming up before we wrap up and get off the grid.." 🦅

"don't stop ✋🏿4+4=8 years since we lost you 44 years of you and many more to come 4 one and all.." @michaeljackson…

"when you see the results in the lives of those you never knew existed.." #SUMMERS17 was amazing thank you @common…

"w/out you we are nothing . . ." #SUMMERS17 😫

T H I S S U M M E R S' 17 on a beautiful S U N D A Y #GODS @BETAwards17 🦅

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