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Melanie Martinez on Ultimate Chart

Melanie Martinez

Top Songs
  1. 01 Dollhouse
  2. 02 Carousel
  3. 03 Pity Party
  4. 04 Mad Hatter
  5. 05 Pacify Her
  1. 06 Tag, you're it
  2. 07 Mrs. Potato Head
  3. 08 Alphabet Boy
  4. 09 Soap
  5. 10 Cry Baby

Been Crying to supermodel, dancing to pretty little birds, just loving this whole album. Thank you for expressing yourself. @sza

polaroid from my time in amsterdam. missing that roof and church. still writing this film. Sending love + strength…

💕☁️amsterdam is giving me all the good energy I need to create. So happy to be here☁️💕

💕In NY for a lil then going to Amsterdam for a couple of weeks to focus on finishing writing this film🌟sending love💕

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