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Melanie Martinez on Ultimate Chart

Melanie Martinez

Top Songs
  1. 01 Dollhouse
  2. 02 Carousel
  3. 03 Pity Party
  4. 04 Mad Hatter
  5. 05 Pacify Her
  1. 06 Tag, you're it
  2. 07 Mrs. Potato Head
  3. 08 Alphabet Boy
  4. 09 Soap
  5. 10 Cry Baby
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Hot Press - Sep 22, 2017

Soap by Melanie Martinez Songfacts - Sep 19, 2017

A sweeping Saturday

The Herald Palladium - Sep 17, 2017


If someone ever tries to steer you away from your intuition, tell them to fuck off

✨🌙lately, I've been writing till I get blocked then I go on an adventure and come back with so much clarity. Steppi…

🌟spending all night diving deep into writing this film - sending love, light, + strength to every being in the univ…

I have never eaten a sausage in my life lol

Been Crying to supermodel, dancing to pretty little birds, just loving this whole album. Thank you for expressing yourself. @sza

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