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Melanie Martinez on Ultimate Chart

Melanie Martinez

Top Songs
  1. 01 Mad Hatter
  2. 02 Dollhouse
  3. 03 Carousel
  4. 04 Mrs. Potato Head
  5. 05 Pacify Her
  1. 06 Pity Party
  2. 07 Soap
  3. 08 Tag, you're it
  4. 09 Cry Baby
  5. 10 Cake
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Mrs. Potato Head - Oct 17, 2017

Tat-Tuesday: Friday the 13th edition

The Daily Texan - Oct 17, 2017


Please donate whatever you can to PR. My grandma still hasn't heard from her sisters or their children. Praying for everyone over there. 🤕❤️

💕mad hatter💕 the finale of 13 self written/directed/styled videos from the crybaby album

If someone ever tries to steer you away from your intuition, tell them to fuck off

✨🌙lately, I've been writing till I get blocked then I go on an adventure and come back with so much clarity. Steppi…

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