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NEEDTOBREATHE on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 Brother (ft. Gavin DeGraw)
  2. 02 Testify
  4. 04 Multiplied
  5. 05 Hard Love (ft. Andra Day)
  1. 06 Hard Love
  2. 07 Keep Your Eyes Open
  3. 08 Lay 'Em Down
  4. 09 Something Beautiful
  5. 10 Difference Maker
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Thanks to our friends at @SouthwestAir and @lyft we’re sending someone to the last #ALLTHEFEELS acoustic show. Info…

If I'm being real honest I’m fighting uphill battles I can’t seem to find the right light Cause I’ve been living in…

This week's #MixtapeMonday is hinting at something... 🤔

I'm a broke nose fighter I'm a loose lip liar Searching for the edge of darkness But all I get is just tired

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