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Odesza on Ultimate Chart

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Top Songs
  1. 01 Say My Name (ft. Zyra)
  2. 02 It’s Only (feat. Zyra)
  3. 03 Bloom
  4. 04 All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)
  5. 05 How Did I Get Here
  1. 06 White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts)
  2. 07 Always This Late
  3. 08 IPlayYouListen
  4. 09 Koto
  5. 10 I Want You
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Odesza (stylized as ODESZA) are an American electronic music duo from Seattle consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. The group was formed in 2012 shortly before Mills and Knight graduated from Western Washington University. Their debut album, Summer's Gone, was released in 2012 to much acclaim in the underground electronic music community. Odesza followed Summer's Gone with their first EP, My Friends Never Die, in 2013 and their second studio album, In Return, in 2014. The duo released In Return (Deluxe Edition) on September 18, 2015 via Counter Records, an extended version of the original album plus three live recordings all featuring a horn section, instrumentals, and a new track “Light (featuring Little Dragon)”. On December 7th, 2015, ODESZA’s “Say My Name (RAC mix)” was nominated for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

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