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Pixies on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 Where Is My Mind?
  2. 02 Here Comes Your Man
  3. 03 Hey
  4. 04 Debaser
  5. 05 Classic Masher
  1. 06 Monkey Gone to Heaven
  2. 07 Wave of Mutilation
  3. 08 Gigantic
  4. 09 Head On
  5. 10 Bel Esprit
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“I had me a vision, there wasn’t any television, from looking into the sun, looking into the sun…"

CANADA - see you later this year in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver. Find tickets for all upcoming shows at:…

DUBLIN - see you on 9th July at Trinity College Park. Find last remaining tickets here:

"Ain’t nothin’ to see, ain’t nothin’ in sight, into the white..." EUROPE - see you in July & August:…

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