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Ryan Adams on Ultimate Chart

Ryan Adams

Top Songs
  1. 01 Do You Still Love Me
  2. 02 To Be Without You
  3. 03 Blank Space
  4. 04 Doomsday
  5. 05 Prisoner
  1. 06 Shiver And Shake
  2. 07 Outbound Train
  3. 08 Anything I Say To You Now
  4. 09 Haunted House
  5. 10 Come Pick Me Up
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I have just decided to form the band @Metallica as just myself solo acoustic. Pastor of Muppets

If all my records were just @Metallica records I would A. Rule B. Get to scream in Lar's face when he screamed in…

This is so rad. Extra credit for that perfect @AltTentacles / DK 1984 shirt rendering

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