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The Beatles on Ultimate Chart

The Beatles

Top Songs
  1. 01 Hey Jude
  2. 02 Come Together
  3. 03 Here Comes the Sun
  4. 04 Let It Be
  5. 05 Don't Let Me Down
  1. 06 Twist and Shout
  2. 07 Eleanor Rigby
  3. 08 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  4. 09 A Day in the Life
  5. 10 In My Life

1968. A Mad Day Out, taking a little time off from recording the White Album. Listen:

“I just ran out there: ‘Get a shot of this! Let’s have a shot there! (...) We’ll edit it, we’ll make it work’” -Paul

Taking a break from recording of the White Album, George went into an empty studio & wrote 'Something' on the piano:

"Of very few individual songs can it be said, ‘This changed the course of popular music.’"- Richard Havers

Work-In-Progress - The Beatles (White Album). Photo © Apple Corps.

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