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The Glitch Mob on Ultimate Chart


The Glitch Mob

Top Songs
  1. 01 We Can Make the World Stop
  2. 02 Fortune Days
  3. 03 Drive It Like You Stole It
  4. 04 Animus Vox
  5. 05 Bad Wings
  1. 06 Our Demons
  2. 07 Can't Kill Us
  3. 08 A Dream Within A Dream
  4. 09 Warrior Concerto
  5. 10 fistful of silence
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The Glitch Mob is an American electronic music group from Los Angeles, California. It consists of edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer). Chris Martins of LA Weekly noted that they "have undoubtedly found the largest audience of any L.A. beat scene artist yet."


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