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  1. 01 U-RITE (Rynx Remix)
  2. 02 U-RITE
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THEY. is an American R&B duo consisting of Dante Jones and Drew Love from Los Angeles, California signed to Mind of a Genius Records. The duo started their career in 2015, releasing debut extended play, Nü Religion, which received critical acclaim. In the same year THEY. released the commercially successful single "Working for It" in collaboration with Zhu and Skrillex. In 2016, the duo started touring with singer Bryson Tiller. In February 2017, the duo released their debut studio album, Nü Religion: Hyena.


Sorry if I don't immediately respond to your texts . I am trying to get shit done .

I try to hang around people that love music as much as i do and don't get all uncomfortable if i play something besides the typical shit .

Our idols are aging , this generation is hungry for new visionaries .

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