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Tom Walker on Ultimate Chart

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Tom Walker

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  1. 01 Leave A Light On
  2. 02 Fly Away with Me
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Tom Walker is a singer-songwriter who grew up near Manchester and signed with Sony Music's Relentless Records. He released his debut single "Sun Goes Down" in March 2016, a string of successful singles. On 19 May 2017 he released an EP, Blessings, through Relentless Records. His most successful hit commercially is "Leave a Light On" in 2017.


When you finally finish a series on Netflix and you can get on with your life again.

Right Exeter, I know it's snowing like crazy, Me and the band are on route and we are gonna do everything in our po…

Two years ago, I released my first single 'Sun Goes Down' ft @KojeyRadical… What a two years it's been 🤘🔥

Just brushing up on my Banjo skills.

Should be packing for the tour, but fuck it, it's Guinness time, happy #StPatrickDay

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