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Toni Braxton on Ultimate Chart

Toni Braxton

Top Songs
  1. 01 Un-Break My Heart
  2. 02 He Wasn't Man Enough
  3. 03 I Love Me Some Him
  4. 04 Breathe Again
  5. 05 You Mean the World to Me
  1. 06 Another Sad Love Song
  2. 07 You're Makin' Me High
  3. 08 Just Be a Man About It
  4. 09 Seven Whole Days
  5. 10 Yesterday

I'm ready for a vacation on the beach! Where should I go? ☀️🌏

Who remembers this album? I was a baby! Thank you to all my fans for all of your support! I…

Who remembers this album? Wow I was just a baby! 😱 Thanks to all my fans for these 24 years!…

Back to blonde for the summer, whatchya guys think? ☀️🌞🌸

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