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Whitney on Ultimate Chart



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  1. 01 No Matter Where We Go
  2. 02 No Woman
  3. 03 Golden Days
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Whitney is an American indie-rock band from Chicago, which formed in 2015 and is signed to Secretly Canadian. The band was formed shortly after the breakup of member Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich's band Smith Westerns in late 2014. They released their debut album, Light Upon the Lake, in June 2016 and have toured internationally.

Chicago, IL Tickets
Chicago, IL Tickets

if you've written material that you wholeheartedly stand behind you've got to play it for whoever you can. only saying cuz of an intrvw q 🌹

playing music is the only thing that matters

newfound love ugh

spain you're beautiful

cant wait to play tomorrow ❤️

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