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Adios Amor

Christian Nodal



I made my mom watch the music vid of Adios Amor just to explain in further detail how handsome Christian Nodal is

Louie Lee

"Adiós Amor" by Christian Nodal will always hold a special place in my heart now lol

anabel lugo

Super overplayed but I reallly love adios amor by Christian nodal <3 DEFFF GETS YOU SINGING

Diego 🎈

When pandora hits you with Christian Nodal adios amor on the first song of the road trip 😅 right on the feels


christian nodal's adios amor got me crying 😪


i just showed my mom Adiós Amor-Christian Nodal & she started crying 🙄 same


I’ve never been a big regional music person but let adios amor by christian nodal come on & I’ll sing that with all that I have

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