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First Day Out

Tee Grizzley

Dec 14 Newark, NJ Tickets
Dec 28 Detroit, MI Tickets
Dec 30 Knoxville, TN Tickets
Feb 7 Anaheim, CA Tickets
Feb 8 Las Vegas, NV Tickets
Feb 9 Los Angeles, CA Tickets
Feb 21 Chicago, IL Tickets
Feb 23 Indianapolis, IN Tickets
Feb 24 Detroit, MI Tickets
Feb 25 Grand Rapids, MI Tickets
Feb 26 Cleveland, OH Tickets
Feb 28 Boston, MA Tickets
Mar 3 Philadelphia, PA Tickets
Mar 4 Silver Spring, MD Tickets
Mar 7 Raleigh, NC Tickets
Mar 8 North Myrtle Beach, SC Tickets
Mar 10 Atlanta, GA Tickets
Mar 11 Charlotte, NC Tickets
Mar 15 Shreveport, LA Tickets
Mar 16 Memphis, TN Tickets
Mar 17 New Orleans, LA Tickets
Mar 20 Dallas, TX Tickets
Mar 22 Houston, TX Tickets
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Tee grizzley- first day out

oneOone Sound

#NowPlaying Tee Grizzley - First Day Out na radio OneOone Sound

Shawn Etwaru

"First Day Out" by @Tee_Grizzley forever going to be an amazing song. The amount of real shit portrayed in that so…

Kimani Peter 🇬🇩

Tee Grizzley - First Day Out (Official Music Video)

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