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More Girls Like You

Kip Moore

Mar 22 Kingston, ON Tickets
Mar 24 Toronto, ON Tickets
Mar 25 Toronto, ON Tickets
Mar 31 London, ON Tickets
Apr 5 Charlotte, NC Tickets
Apr 6 North Myrtle Beach, SC Tickets
May 17 Winnipeg, MB Tickets
May 23 Indianapolis, IN Tickets


#OnAirNow: "More Girls Like You" by Kip Moore - @KipMooreMusic - #CountryMusic #CountryRadio


Kip Moore - More Girls Like You (Audio) via @YouTube

KB Country Radio

Kip Moore - More Girls Like You

Misty Dobbins

@CMThot20 @KipMooreMusic I love this song Kip Moore more girls like you ❤ from Oklahoma girl 💕💕

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