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Katy Perry


hope lynn🌙

y'all paid rise by katy perry with DUST its such a good song

Jéssica | 12 days

I'll always remember of TKC's ending when I listen to the Boyce Avenue's cover of "Rise" (by Katy Perry), bc I was listening to it 💔


Well after seeing 6 show choirs perform Rise by Katy Perry just this year, I think it’s safe to say it’s the most p…

KatyCats Unidos

KATY PERRY - PLATINAS NOS EUA: 1. Firework: 11x 2. Roar 10x 3. DH 10x 4. E.T. 8x 5. CG 8x 6. TD 7x 7. HNC 7x 8. LF…

Munique Bacelar

Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube"Rise" Rio 2016 Summer Olympics by Katy Perry - Cover by One Voice Children's


melhor musica de 2016: katy perry - rise melhor musixa de 2017; katy perry - chained to the rhythm

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