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Thomas Rhett

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Thomas Rhett Akins, Jr. (born March 30, 1990), is an American country singer-songwriter. His father is the singer Rhett Akins. Rhett has released three studio albums for Big Machine Records' Valory Music imprint: It Goes Like This (2013), Tangled Up (2015), and Life Changes (2017). These albums have produced ten singles on the Hot Country and Country Airplay charts, with eight reaching the No. 1 position on the latter: "It Goes Like This", "Get Me Some of That", "Craving You","Make Me Wanna", "Crash and Burn", "Die a Happy Man", "T-Shirt", and "Star of the Show". In addition to much of his own material, Rhett has also written singles for Jason Aldean, Lee Brice, and Florida Georgia Line.

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Jayden Gonzales

Unforgettable // Thomas Rhett

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Thomas Rhett - Unforgettable #nowplaying #listenlive

Rachel Deloach

Thomas Rhett’s Unforgettable has come on the radio 3 times while inching along in downtown Atlanta but I’m not complaining 😍

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THOMAS RHETT - UNFORGETTABLE #nowplaying #listenlive

965 The Wolf Songs

Thomas Rhett - Unforgettable #nowplaying #listenlive

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