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Top Songs
  1. 01 do re mi (ft. Gucci Mane)
  2. 02 Idfc
  3. 03 Idfc (Tarro Remix)
  4. 04 Verbatim
  5. 05 Deadroses
  1. 06 I Needed You
  2. 07 Waste Away (feat. Devon Baldwin)
  3. 08 Ain't Trippin
  4. 09 Help (feat. Maejor)
  5. 10 Slide Thru (feat. Jerry Good)
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Matthew Tyler Musto (born November 27, 1990), known professionally as Blackbear (stylized as blackbear), is an American hip hop recording artist, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has collaborated with several musical artists such as Gnash, Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, Mike Posner, James Blake, Maejor Ali, Palisades, Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun, Rivers Cuomo, Childish Gambino, Pharrell Williams, and Linkin Park. He co-wrote "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber, which debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. He also produced the title track from G-Eazy's album These Things Happen.

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im getting much better at getting fucked over

hurry up and wait forever

my heart froze over

new music: froze over on #SoundCloud

u been on my mind this whole time

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