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Blackbear on Ultimate Chart


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  1. 01 Do Re mi
  2. 02 Idfc
  3. 03 Idfc (Tarro Remix)
  4. 04 Verbatim
  5. 05 I Needed You
  1. 06 Deadroses
  2. 07 Waste Away (feat. Devon Baldwin)
  3. 08 Ain't Trippin
  4. 09 Valley Girls
  5. 10 Help (feat. Maejor)
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youve been on my mind since that day.. but ill just pretend i never felt a thing

i cant eat i cant sleep

so thankful i knew & worked with chester bennington & LP wishing strength upon the band friends & family during this time of traumatic loss

i dont feel so strong right now

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