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Jacob Sartorius on Ultimate Chart

Jacob Sartorius

Top Songs
  1. 01 Sweatshirt
  2. 02 Hit or Miss
  3. 03 Last Text
  4. 04 All My Friends
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Aug 13 Rosemont, IL Tickets
Aug 16 Indianapolis, IN Tickets
Aug 19 Hershey, PA Tickets

2 lips 1 kiss nothing between us but chapstick

i went to college for 4 years to study the art of fidget spinning. i am proud to say i graduated today!!! wow. i'm tearing up. big day. 😭

i need a girlfriend... i'm thinking it's gotta be you 😊

UK! Tickets are on sale now for my show at @O2ForumKTown in London on October 9! Get yours here;…

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