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Joy Villa on Ultimate Chart

Joy Villa

Top Songs
  1. 01 I Make the Static
  2. 02 Vagabonds
  3. 03 Get Your Freedom
  4. 04 The Darkness
  5. 05 Empty
  1. 06 Beautiful
  2. 07 Cold Wind
  3. 08 Run and Hide (ft. Zach Banks)

RIP Malcom! 😭💥🔥You shook us all with your dirty deeds, thunder and hells bells. #acdc #malcomyoung

The one, the only @mitchellvii!! Handsome, smart and sweet, Bill is one of my most favorite people! 😊😘👑#voguefaces…

I'm unabashedly pro life & I'm not ashamed to say it. I was faced w a difficult unwanted pregnancy at 21. I chose a…

Singer Joy Villa Declares "Abortion Is Murder" on Twitter |

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