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Joy Villa on Ultimate Chart

Joy Villa

Top Songs
  1. 01 I Make the Static
  2. 02 Vagabonds
  3. 03 Get Your Freedom
  4. 04 The Darkness
  5. 05 Empty
  1. 06 Beautiful
  2. 07 Cold Wind
  3. 08 Run and Hide (ft. Zach Banks)

Hanging with the awesome and talented @trevordrury55 ❤️🎶💋😘💕 #newfriends #artists #models #singers #songwriters...

Me and my girl @kayajones a few years ago! 🎶❤️😀💕💋😘 #maga #musicians #girls4trump #loveistheanswer #americafyeah

Thank you for noticing my strong immune system. 😜

Thanks, Ken! I hope u danced 👌🏽🎶

JOY (VILLA) TO THE WORLD: Punk Rock Trump Is The Man

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