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Lindsay Ell on Ultimate Chart

Lindsay Ell

Top Songs
  1. 01 Champagne
  2. 02 Waiting on You
  3. 03 All Alright
Jan 26 Fresno, CA Tickets
Jan 27 Glendale, AZ Tickets
Feb 1 Salt Lake City, UT Tickets
Feb 2 Boise, ID Tickets
Feb 3 Reno, NV Tickets
Feb 15 Bloomington, IL Tickets
Feb 23 Pikeville, KY Tickets
Feb 24 Rosemont, IL Tickets
Mar 23 Louisville, KY Tickets
Mar 24 Moline, IL Tickets
Apr 5 Columbus, OH Tickets
Apr 12 North Little Rock, AR Tickets
Apr 13 Irving, TX Tickets
Apr 26 Lincoln, NE Tickets
Apr 28 Bemidji, MN Tickets
Jul 19 Tulsa, OK Tickets
Jul 21 Sugar Land, TX Tickets
Jul 26 Pensacola, FL Tickets
Jul 27 Huntsville, AL Tickets
Jul 28 Louisville, KY Tickets
Aug 2 Nashville, TN Tickets
Aug 4 Greenville, SC Tickets
Aug 9 Toledo, OH Tickets
Aug 10 Grand Rapids, MI Tickets
Aug 16 Sioux Falls, SD Tickets
Aug 30 Uncasville, CT Tickets
Aug 31 Allentown, PA Tickets
Sep 7 Worcester, MA Tickets
Sep 8 Newark, NJ Tickets
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This. Is. Crazy. I’ve never had a song chart this high....thank you guys for buying and listening to #Criminal. 🙏🏼…

I’m a girl of my word. Follow ✅. See you in a couple months with Brad!

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