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  1. 01 1-800-273-8255 (ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid)
  2. 02 Black SpiderMan (ft. Damian Lemar Hudson)
  3. 03 Everybody
  4. 04 Ballin' (ft. C Dot Castro)
  5. 05 Alright (ft. Big Sean)
  1. 06 Fade Away
  2. 07 Killing Spree (ft. Ansel Elgort)
  3. 08 44 Bars
  4. 09 Flexicution
  5. 10 Hallelujah
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Europe. Everybody's tour. Tickets on sale Friday.

Sorry for all the typos lol you get it! Love y'all. Now back to Tour rehearsal! #RattPack

You are beautiful You are special Don't second guess yourself and your art Please love yourself and spread positivity! The world needs you 🤗

So I wanted to check in with everyone who appreciates every one of these worded. It the people who hate you if you breathe wrong to say that

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