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Lupe Fiasco on Ultimate Chart

Lupe Fiasco

Top Songs
  1. 01 The Show Goes On
  2. 02 Jump (ft. Gizzle)
  3. 03 Dopamine Lit (Intro)
  4. 04 Superstar
  5. 05 Promise
  1. 06 Wild Child (ft. Jake Torrey)
  2. 07 Made in the USA (feat. Bianca Sings)
  3. 08 Daydreamin
  4. 09 Pick up the Phone
  5. 10 Words I Never Said

RIP Hugh Masekela... #HughMasekela 🎺 Start with “Stimela” then just go from there! #Forward

I’ll do more research though and let you know. But from what I’ve heard thus far this will not effect the Global re…

Thanx 4 asking. This season of @BeatNPathShow was filmed entirely in China. The main focus of the show is showcasin…

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