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Lupe Fiasco on Ultimate Chart

Lupe Fiasco

Top Songs
  1. 01 The Show Goes On
  2. 02 Jump (ft. Gizzle)
  3. 03 Dopamine Lit (Intro)
  4. 04 Superstar
  5. 05 Promise
  1. 06 Wild Child (ft. Jake Torrey)
  2. 07 Made in the USA (feat. Bianca Sings)
  3. 08 Daydreamin
  4. 09 Pick up the Phone
  5. 10 Words I Never Said
Nov 10 Los Angeles, CA Tickets
Nov 11 Anaheim, CA Tickets
Nov 15 Chicago, IL Tickets

I’ll be performing live in concert November 3rd in Austin TX  @ The Belmont. Tickets Available Now 👉🏾

It is always better to be friends with the janitors than friends with the CEO and it should always be hard to tell the difference. #Advice

Lil Bro jumped up like a G tho and shook all that shit off hahaha...#Based

#ProtectLilB 😔 No stripes for that...

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