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  1. 01 Show Yourself
  2. 02 Sultan's Curse
  3. 03 Andromeda
  4. 04 Blood And Thunder
  5. 05 Oblivion
  1. 06 Black Tongue
  2. 07 Crusher Destroyer
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"Our band is unified and we do what we do because we love it, we live it, we mean it, and it’s in our hearts and so…

Excited to be playing @ElevationRockCO in September! Visit to get your tickets now.

Final episode from our Making Of series coming Friday. Catch up on the last 11 episodes now.

ICYMI: @JimmyKimmelLive is going to re-air our performance tonight! Check your local listings.

The tour has been great so far. Thanks to everyone who has come out. This one is from our show at @FillmoreDEN in D…

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