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Miguel on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott)
  2. 02 Sure Thing
  3. 03 Adorn
  4. 04 Pineapple Skies
  5. 05 All I Want Is You
  1. 06 Banana Clip
  2. 07 Come Through And Chill
  3. 08 How Many Drinks?
  4. 09 Quickie
  5. 10 Coffee (ft. Wale)
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Apr 12 Berkeley, CA Tickets
Apr 17 San Diego, CA Tickets
Apr 28 Washington, DC Tickets
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RT @KellyMedos: SPLISH. Looking SO forward to @Miguel in Vancouver this weekend. Have had #WarandLeisure on ...

Splash thank you RT @SoulfulShelly: @Miguel you outdid yourself with this album. Just gotten a chance ...

Splishh RT @KhalilMcNeil_: @miguel TOLD YOU SO | FREESTYLE BY KHALIL MCNEIL via @YouTube

Play her Banana clip today

Haa splish RT @HipHopTrooper: Sky Walker Tribute - @Miguel

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