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Nickelback on Ultimate Chart


Top Songs
  1. 01 Rockstar
  2. 02 Far Away
  3. 03 How You Remind Me
  4. 04 Photograph
  5. 05 If Today Was Your Last Day
  1. 06 Someday
  2. 07 Animals
  3. 08 Something In Your Mouth
  4. 09 Savin Me
  5. 10 If Everyone Cared

Long before there was cable TV and the internet, he was the epitome of a rock star. Sending love and our heartfelt…

Heather - if we answer one what happens? #InquiringMindsWantToKnow

Saddy - good luck. A few helpful tips for test taking. 1. Never cram when you can scam. 2. When in doubt, look a…

Maze - sounds like we need to get you to a show pronto!

Gilligan - Firstly, we hope Wanda’s feeling better. Secondly, hello sir. Thirdly, get better Wanda.

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