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Top Songs
  1. 01 Hard Times
  2. 02 Misery Business
  3. 03 Ain't It Fun
  4. 04 Still Into You
  5. 05 The Only Exception
  1. 06 Crushcrushcrush
  2. 07 That's What You Get
  3. 08 Brick By Boring Brick
  4. 09 Told You So
  5. 10 Decode
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we met these two (Kevin & Char) in 2005, outside The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA. just a bunch of kids at a show.

real news: Fake Happy is the next single from After Laughter. you can call your local alt stations & request it. ph…

big reunion! you might know Marlee from her impromptu guest vocals on the live-recorded version of Ain't It Fun @ R…

big shouts to our friend MKAV for designin the art/projection for Tour Two. bringin the world of After Laughter to…

so many disasters lately it's overwhelming to keep up. heartbroken for our friends in Puerto Rico & in Mexico. we love you.

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