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Rise Against on Ultimate Chart

Rise Against

Top Songs
  1. 01 Savior
  2. 02 Prayer Of The Refugee
  3. 03 Satellite
  4. 04 The Violence
  5. 05 Swing Life Away
  1. 06 Help Is On The Way
  2. 07 Hero of War
  3. 08 Re-Education (Through Labor)
  4. 09 The Good Left Undone
  5. 10 Give It All
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Tonight | Mitsubishi Electric Halle | Düsseldorf, Germany |

Some legislation we d like to suggest to the idiots who lifted the ban on elephant trophies. Pic…

Hey Germany, we are selling this strange antiquated piece of technology at our shows this week, we can’t figure out…

Just a reminder: man-made climate change is real, the only scientists that disagree have ties to the fossil fuel i…

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