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The Beatles on Ultimate Chart

The Beatles

Top Songs
  1. 01 Here Comes the Sun
  2. 02 Hey Jude
  3. 03 Don't Let Me Down
  4. 04 Come Together
  5. 05 A Day in the Life
  1. 06 Let It Be
  2. 07 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  3. 08 Eleanor Rigby
  4. 09 Penny Lane
  5. 10 Blackbird

#OTD #1964 The Beatles' were in Paris, staying at George V Hotel and performing at the Olympia.

#OTD #1964, whilst in Paris, The Beatles hear that `I Want To Hold Your Hand' has reached No.1 in the USA. Listen:…

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There's no better defence against the Blue Meanies on this the bluest of Blue Mondays with the news that The Beatle…

#OTD #1963, Please Please Me (the band’s second single) was released in the UK. Listen:

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