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The War on Drugs on Ultimate Chart

The War on Drugs

Top Songs
  1. 01 Pain
  2. 02 Holding On
  3. 03 Up All Night
  4. 04 Strangest Thing
  5. 05 Thinking Of A Place
  1. 06 Nothing To Find
  2. 07 Knocked Down
  3. 08 Red Eyes
  4. 09 In Chains
  5. 10 Under The Pressure
Jul 14 Birmingham, AL Tickets
Jul 14 Birmingham, AL Tickets
Jul 15 Birmingham, AL Tickets
Jul 28 Camden, NJ Tickets

Our new record 'A Deeper Understanding' is now streaming for the next 24 hours at our website. enjoy. see you soon

Playing the outdoor stage on @JimmyKimmelLive tomorrow. Anyone in the LA area can request free tickets here:

New Track!!! New song ‘Strangest Thing’ is out today. Stream and download here Cant wait t…

Check out our new video for "holding on" featuring the legend Frankie Faison and conceived by Krysten Ritter!…

Our new album ‘A Deeper Understanding’ is officially arriving on August 25, 2017. Listen to ‘Holding On’ now

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