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Young Dolph on Ultimate Chart

Young Dolph

Top Songs
  1. 01 100 Shots
  2. 02 That's How I Feel (ft. Gucci Mane)
  3. 03 Play Wit Yo' Bitch
  4. 04 In Charlotte
  5. 05 But I'm Bulletproof
  1. 06 I'm So Real
  2. 07 So Fuk'em
  3. 08 All Of Them
  4. 09 I Pray For My Enemies
  5. 10 Preach
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i was born to lose, i was born a crackbaby. but i turned dat shit around and made myself into a rich crackbaby... u don't like it FUK YA

Louisville was LIT tonight

Augusta y'all should make da promoter give u y'all $ back! Tell him stop playn wit da $$ and handle his business right like real niggas do💯

Sorry to the fans that came out. Promoters did bad business for the first show last night in Augusta at Augusta commons.

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