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Young Dolph on Ultimate Chart

Young Dolph

Top Songs
  1. 01 100 Shots
  2. 02 That's How I Feel (ft. Gucci Mane)
  3. 03 Play Wit Yo' Bitch
  4. 04 In Charlotte
  5. 05 But I'm Bulletproof
  1. 06 I'm So Real
  2. 07 So Fuk'em
  3. 08 All Of Them
  4. 09 I Pray For My Enemies
  5. 10 Preach
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It took JAY Z to tell y'all to stop taking advances and signing deals.... I been tellin y'all stupid ass dat shit since I started💰

Jus touchdown in Sacramento

Wut da hell is dis shit I'm hearin bout Korea

🔥 //RT @RickRoss: Midnight tonight #Sheonmydick remix @iTunes

got everybody smokin gelato. And made everybody take their 458's back to get a 488 🐬

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