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Not Afraid Anymore


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Oct 17 Charlotte, NC Tickets
Oct 19 Duluth, GA Tickets
Oct 21 Fort Lauderdale, FL Tickets
Oct 22 Orlando, FL Tickets
Oct 25 Houston, TX Tickets
Oct 26 Dallas, TX Tickets
Oct 27 Austin, TX Tickets
Oct 29 Denver, CO Tickets
Oct 31 Phoenix, AZ Tickets
Nov 3 Inglewood, CA Tickets
Nov 4 Anaheim, CA Tickets
Nov 5 San Diego, CA Tickets
Nov 7 Oakland, CA Tickets
Nov 10 Seattle, WA Tickets
Nov 11 Vancouver, BC Tickets
Nov 14 Calgary, AB Tickets
Nov 15 Edmonton, AB Tickets
Nov 18 Saint Paul, MN Tickets
Nov 19 Rosemont, IL Tickets
Nov 21 Detroit, MI Tickets
Nov 22 Cleveland, OH Tickets
Dec 1 Inglewood, CA Tickets
Dec 8 New York, NY Tickets
Dec 10 Boston, MA Tickets
Dec 11 Washington, DC Tickets
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