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Brett Young on Ultimate Chart

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Brett Young

Top Songs
  1. 01 Like I Loved You
  2. 02 In Case You Didn't Know
  3. 03 Sleep Without You
  4. 04 Mercy
  5. 05 You Ain't Here To Kiss Me
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Jan 26 Silver Spring, MD Tickets
Jan 27 Wilmington, DE Tickets
Feb 3 Philadelphia, PA Tickets
Feb 14 Jackson, MS Tickets
Feb 24 Indianapolis, IN Tickets
Apr 5 Tulsa, OK Tickets
Apr 7 Las Cruces, NM Tickets
Apr 20 Jacksonville, FL Tickets
May 3 Grand Forks, ND Tickets
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May 18 Bossier City, LA Tickets
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C O U N T R Y // J A M Hello, Colorado sunshine! Tickets >

Crazy about you too, @crashmyplaya. 😉 🏝

Hell Yeah, Damn Right! First show at @TheLyricOxford sold out, so we added another. 🎫

🐻🌹GRIZZLY ROSE // Feeling rested, Denver. Let's do this thing tonight!!!

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