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Devin Dawson on Ultimate Chart

33 11

Devin Dawson

Top Songs
  1. 01 All on Me
  2. 02 Dark Horse
Chart Rank Over Time
Jan 20 Milwaukee, WI Tickets
Apr 19 Louisville, KY Tickets
Apr 20 Indianapolis, IN Tickets
Apr 21 Kansas City, MO Tickets
Apr 26 Hampton Beach, NH Tickets
Apr 27 Boston, MA Tickets
May 4 Bethlehem, PA Tickets
May 5 New York, NY Tickets

Best moment was hearing @chuckwicksmusic do a heavy metal version of “All On Me” 😂😂😂

This girl is always singing my praises. It means the world coming from an artist like you. THANK YOU @carlypearce

Thank you for the #NMF love @Spotify ! Stream my new album “DARK HORSE” out now!

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