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Sep 25 New Orleans, LA Tickets
Sep 26 Houston, TX Tickets
Sep 27 Austin, TX Tickets
Sep 28 Dallas, TX Tickets
Oct 3 Fort Lauderdale, FL Tickets
Oct 6 Atlanta, GA Tickets
Oct 9 Silver Spring, MD Tickets
Oct 10 Philadelphia, PA Tickets
Oct 11 Boston, MA Tickets
Oct 14 New York, NY Tickets
Oct 15 New York, NY Tickets
Oct 17 Detroit, MI Tickets
Oct 18 Toronto, ON Tickets
Oct 19 Columbus, OH Tickets
Oct 20 Chicago, IL Tickets
Oct 29 San Francisco, CA Tickets
Nov 2 Phoenix, AZ Tickets
Nov 3 Los Angeles, CA Tickets
Nov 9 Vancouver, BC Tickets
Nov 11 EDMONTON, AB Tickets
Nov 12 CALGARY, AB Tickets
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last one for just a very little bit.

signed thousands of these for those who pre-ordered box set. love you so much. keep pre-orders alive so maybe we ca…

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