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Mondo Cozmo on Ultimate Chart

38 5

Mondo Cozmo

Top Songs
  1. 01 Shine
  2. 02 Automatic
  3. 03 Hold On To Me
Chart Rank Over Time
Sep 15 Boston, MA Tickets
Sep 19 Columbus, OH Tickets
Oct 17 New Orleans, LA Tickets
Oct 23 Baltimore, MD Tickets
Oct 24 Charlotte, NC Tickets

Mondo Cozmo - "Automatic" (2017 LIVE FOOTAGE): via @YouTube

It's true: I really did get my band name from my dog & a movie. Thx to @Independent for the write up. -Mc 🤘🇬🇧…

In one of the classiest moves in history...this dude bought 2 tickets to every headlining show and is gonna send t……

This is what happens if you invite out to sing a Springsteen song in front of 16 thousand people. 🤘Mc - Pic by @je……

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